Careers in the Arts

Not only an important study tool for members of the greater Five College community, the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum is also a substantial resource for students embarking on careers in the arts. The Museum produces an annual career resource pamphlet focused on the critical steps in pursuing such a vocation, and so offers guidance to students regarding coursework, internship opportunities, grant funding and more. This resource is available in hard-copy at the Museum’s reception desk.

Through internship and volunteer programs, the Museum also offers students the opportunity to work with a staff mentor. These relationships provide Mount Holyoke College students with the unique knowledge of how a museum operates behind-the-scenes; the type of first-hand experience that is so important to procuring professional careers. Fine art administration, cataloging, research and handling are all areas that interns explore as they contribute to the daily functioning of the Museum, broadening their skill set and knowledge base. For additional information regarding these positions, students should visit the Get Involved section of this site.

Collaborative efforts between the Museum and several student organizations and college departments have also been greatly beneficial to the student body. Mount Holyoke’s network of alumnae has proved an invaluable resource, and the Museum has teamed with the Career Development Center to organize panel discussions of guest alumnae working in a variety of art professions. The Guide to Art Resources is another successful result of the Museum and CDC partnership, aiming to raise student awareness of the many opportunities available to them and the avenues by which to research them.