In the Press

"This splendid exhibition [was] as finely crafted as the paintings and sculptures that comprised it...."

-Ellen Longsworth, "The Art of Devotion: Panel Painting in Early Renaissance Italy" December 2010

"New England - and Massachusetts in particular - is richly endowed with great college art collections. As teaching collections, almost all of them span continents and epochs. And they’re all easily accessible to the public. Here are 10 of the best."

-Sebastian Smee, Boston Globe," Top 10 Campus Art Collections" September 2009

“Guest Curator Lynne Zacek Bassett, a 1983 graduate of Mount Holyoke, has insightfully put together an assemblage of objects that illustrates the changing dress of woman as she gradually freed herself from the fetters of corsets, stays and figure-altering buttresses that constrained and confined her body.”

-Greg Morell, ArtScope Magazine, "What Can A Woman Do?: Women, Work, and Wardrobe 1865-1940" April 2009

“Today's designers of women's fashions might benefit from a Western Massachusetts exhibit of the finest women's wear from a bygone era. Vintage dresses on display at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum captivate their audience with a glimpse of what the well dressed women wore during the time after the Civil War to the start of the Second World War.”

-Sy Becker, News22, "What Can A Woman Do?: Women, Work, and Wardrobe 1865-1940" February 2009

“It's not surprising to find art students studying in a museum—but students of biology or politics? On any given day, visitors to the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum might encounter a class in international relations, Italian, or religion. With some 20,000 objects dating from antiquity to modern times in its permanent and Skinner Museum collections, the museum has long been a multi-disciplinary resource for students in all subjects.”

-Mary Jo Curtis, Vista, "At the Museum: The Art of Discovery” spring 2009

“Mount Holyoke’s Skinner Museum— also known as “Mr. Skinner’s Curiosity Cabinet”— had a strong pull on Kate Freedman, Cheryl Harned and Kristin Lailey with its collections of marvels, objects from the everyday to the extraordinary....From their research, they created a booklet that suggests creative ways faculty can use the entire Museum, or a specific object in it, in their classes.”

-Meghan Gelardi-Holmes, NewsBreaks, "Students Share New Vision for Skinner Museum at National Conference" fall 2008

“Legendary pop artist Andy Warhol may have died in 1987 but recent donations of his work to three area art museums will continue to introduce audiences to his importance in American culture.”

-Anne Gerard Flynn, The Republican, "Area Colleges Receive Andy Warhol Artwork" June 2008

"The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum and its collection provide rich source material for many MHC courses in art and art history, as well as in other disciplines. In fact, this year the museum has seen a surge in the number of visits by faculty and students for class work.”

-Jessica Reynolds Lavallee, MHC News and Events, “By the Numbers: Object Based Learning” May 2008

"Studying how leaders have influenced and controlled their societies through history is interesting enough in theory, but a trip to the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum gave students in the international relations course Propaganda and War an opportunity to see and handle the tools of mass control firsthand.”

-Kevin McCaffrey, MHC News and Events, “The Art of Manipulation at MHC" May 2008

“Art Aficionados won’t want to skip the new Museums10—a collective of 10 of the area’s top art institutions. Among the best is the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum with 10 galleries dedicated to Asian, Renaissance and contemporary art.”

-Jessica Merrill, Travel and Leisure: Fall Travel Guide, “Art Pilgrimage to Massachusetts’s Pioneer Valley” September 2007