Lorna Bieber: Of Echoes and Grace

Lorna Bieber, Eden, Archival toner on archival paper, 2012-13 Photograph © Lorna Bieber

Using pictures she finds in books, magazines, and catalogues as raw material, the artist Lorna Bieber transforms images through copying and cropping, expanding and contracting, until she has individual elements that fit into her vision for a completed work. Her multi-paneled montages rely on the relationships between the parts to create complexity. For the individual photographic murals, she selects iconic subjects that have a strong presence at large scale. While the two approaches differ in their specifics, conceptually they are closely related explorations of the links between vision and understanding, memory and nostalgia, perception and beauty. This exhibition debuts three large-scale montages by Lorna Bieber presented alongside several of the artist’s earlier photographic murals.