Planning Your Museum Experience

Whether this is your first time using Museum resources in teaching, or you’re a frequent visitor, we highly recommend scheduling an initial planning meeting with a Museum staff member to discuss your ideas for a new class visit or assignment. The better we understand your teaching objectives and specific course content, the more helpful we can be in structuring your museum visit. Your planning session with Museum staff might include:

  • Visiting the permanent collection galleries for ideas.
  • Learning more about our special exhibitions and related resources.
  • Creating a customized list of works of art by touring storage and/or by looking through our online database of more than 15,000 objects.
  • Visiting the Joseph Allen Skinner Museum, with its additional treasure trove of more than 6,000 objects, including early American artifacts relating to daily life, 18th- and 19th-century journals and letters, and wide-ranging material culture from around the globe.
  • Discussing strategies for designing your customized museum visit (or assignment), which may include a close observation session, small collaborative group work and student dialogues, an introduction by a museum staff member, or other components that we can tailor to the specific needs of your class.
  • Looking at the teaching spaces, including our fully mediated Carson Teaching Gallery which can accommodate up to 20 students.
  • Discussing the possibility of multiple museum visits or follow-up assignments.
  • Exploring other resources the Museum has to offer such as access to object files, written object summaries, magnifying glasses and an electric microscope for viewing small objects, gloves for hands-on sessions, a study collection of artist tools and materials, and sample handouts and exercises developed by museum staff and other faculty.

We look forward to working with you to create the best possible museum experience for you and your students!

Please contact Ellen Alvord, Weatherbie Curator of Academic Programs for more information or to schedule a planning meeting.