• How heavy is a cast iron dye pot?
  • What can a brass pestle teach you about Russian literature?
  • Why did Susan B. Anthony think that the bicycle was an essential part of women’s emancipation?
  • How did a Comanche bandolier bag from Texas come to be decorated with glass beads from Venice?

Bring your class to the Skinner Museum

Learn the answers to these questions…and leave with a whole new set of ideas to consider.

The Skinner Museum is a perfect place for students, both young and old, to interact with the material remains of the past. A class visit to the Museum provides students with the opportunity to examine specific artifacts that link to broader themes and ideas.

For ideas about how to use the collections in your teaching, download our guide by graduate students in the UMass Public History program, designed especially for Mount Holyoke College faculty members.

Most recently, the Skinner Museum has hosted the following classes from area colleges.

  • ART 120: Visual Investigations: Drawing I, Nathan Margalit, MHC
  • ARTH 290: Trading Partners: Visual Culture and the Economies of Exchange, Dana Leibsohn, MHC
  • HIST 101: Gender and Power in the History of Mount Holyoke College, Mary Renda, MHC
  • HIST 275: American Women’s History: Settlement to Reconstruction, Jane Gerhard, MHC
  • HIST 659: Introduction to Public History, Marla Miller, UMass
  • HIST 661: Introduction to American Material Culture, Marla Miller, UMass
  • HIST 662: Museum and Historic Site Interpretation, David Glassberg, UMass

The Skinner Museum has also continued to be a resource for the South Hadley community. The Museum can host groups of up to 20 students.