All Campus ID for New Students

Card Services at Mount Holyoke provides the community with an All-Campus ID card that enables community members to:

  • access the buildings
  • use their card to pay for services as food, printing or copying
  • accessing a dining meal plan
  • signing out library materials.

What the OneCard does...

  • Lets you into your residence hall and academic buildings during specific times.
  • Sign out books and materials from the library with it.
  • Meal access in the Dining Commons for students who have purchased a meal plan.
  • Access Dining Dollars as part of your dining plan. This money can be used in the Dining Commons for guests.
  • The LITS Dollars function allows you a certain amount of printing in public labs on campus during the academic year.

MHCXpress Account...

The Debit Function of the card:  MHCXpress Account

  • You can buy goods and services with it.
  • You need it to do laundry or to photocopy.
  • You use it at some of the shops in the Village Commons and other off campus locations.
  • After you have utilized your LITS dollars you need it to print at the various computer labs on campus

What you cannot do with your card...

  • It is not a credit card so you can only use the money on it.
  • You can't get into any space you do not have permission for.