How to Connect Cable Television

Step 1 - Complete Application

Complete a cable application and pre-pay. A technician will activate your cable connection; they do not go into your room.

Step 2 - Review Cable TV System Requirements

  • A "181 channel cable ready" TV or VCR to view all possible channels.
  • Older TV's can be used with a "cable ready" VCR to view all channels; the VCR must be used in place of the TV tuner to change the channels.
  • In this case it is necessary to tune the TV to channel 3 or 4, depending on how the VCR is set.
  • The VCR's channel 3/4 or L/H selector switch is located on the back of the unit.

Step 3 - Connect Your Cable TV

Using a cable TV "F" type coaxial cable:
Attach one end to the cable TV jack on the wall in your room, and attach the other end to your TV or VCR's antenna or cable input terminal. These should be screwed on hand-tight only.

Using a VCR:
Connect a second cable from the VCR's antenna or cable output to the TV's antenna or cable input.

Step 4 - Program Your Channels

Turn on your TV and VCR (if used) and program them to receive the cable TV channels.

  1. This may involve setting a switch to CATV (on older sets) or by accessing the on-screen menu (on newer sets).
  2. The menu will offer a choice of ANTENNA or CATV (cable), select CATV.
  3. If it then offers type of cable service: HRC, IRC, or STD (standard) select STD.
  4. Next locate the AUTO-PROGRAM or AUTO-CHANNEL SET feature in the menu and activate it.
  5. The set will automatically program the channels for you, this usually takes a minute or so.


  • An owner's manual might help when setting up your TV or VCR.
  • If you need a longer or second coaxial cable, the College Store sells them.