Auxiliary Services & the Ecological Mail Coalition

Auxiliary Services has partnered with Ecological Mail Coalition to help reduce the college’s undeliverable junk mail. The EMC can help decrease the amount of catalogs, magazines or other advertising for employees and students who are no longer at MHC. The EMC compares their database with the marketers'/mailers’ database and notifies them when an employee or student is no longer at the address they have. They do not sell or give out their database.

Why should we bother you might ask? Did you know that by partnering with the EMC we can cut 100 pounds of solid waste and save one tree for every former employee or student? In addition, it helps by reducing the time, frustration, and expense of handling the unwanted mail. Auxiliary Services' goal with this partnership is to save time, money, and natural resources by utilizing this service.

Since mail is a sensitive issue, security precautions are in place to ensure the integrity of our databases and personal information.

To add a former employee to the "do not mail" database please fill in the online Former Employee Bulk Mail Elimination Form.

How the system works...

  1. You fill out the Bulk Mail Elimination Form to tell us which employees have left.
  2. Marketers submit their mailing lists to the coalition before mailing.
  3. The coalition compares the names and addresses on the marketers' lists with your former employees.
  4. Outdated contacts are flagged for removal.
  5. Over time, your undeliverable mail volume drops dramatically.
  6. Everybody is a winner: the college reduces the amount of undeliverable mail, marketers save money by mailing only to valid recipients. Even the planet benefits from reduced waste of natural resources. Best of all, it is completely free!

For any questions or further information on this service, please dial x3111 or email Auxiliary Services.