Frequently Asked Questions About Card

What do I do If I lose my Card?
It is extremely important that you report your missing card immediately! You can deactivate your own card one the One Web Site or  During business hours you can stop by or email Auxiliary Services. We will deactivate your card to prevent use by others. After business hours you can stop into the Campus Police Office to purchase a new onecard. If you do not report the lost or stolen card you are liable for funds spent from your account. 

How do I know how much money is in my MHCXpress Account?

Every time you use your card, you can see either on your receipt or on the digital screen, your available balance.  All transactions, balance and adding funds can be done through our OneWeb site

What happens to my balance at the end of the year?
Remaining balances of deposited amounts forward from year to year until graduation or separation.

Can someone else add money to my card?

Yes, they just need to click on the Parental Deposit tab one the OneWeb Site.  They will need to enter your ISO number which is printed on the card and your date of birth.