Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any phones that do not work well in the residence halls?
Students have commented that cordless phones can have problems in the residence halls because of interference with signal. The problems that have been reported to us have included cross talk and the phones not ringing. This is not a telephone line problem that the College is able to fix. Cordless Phones use radio waves which are not within our control.  Phones need to be touch-tone. Pulse phones will not work on the College's system.

What is a long duration call and how does it happen?
A long duration call is caused by the user hitting the switchhook too briefly when hanging up and the call holds to await further action. These calls needlessly hold lines in use that could be free for other users. When hanging up, remember to press the switchhook down for a count of three.

Why is my voice mailbox set up but my callers are not hearing my message?
You need to program your phone to have voice mail act like an answering machine. Pick up your phone and press *4 and 3060.