Breakdowns and Accidents

Breakdown Procedures

If the vehicle should breakdown off campus, the driver should notify Public Safety and Service at 413-538-2304 which is open 24 hours a day. Public Safety and Service will determine based on the location of the vehicle, the time of day and the circumstances of the breakdown, what action should be taken such as towing or repair service. The driver shall make the arrangements to carry out the repair decisions of Public Safety and Service. The Fleet Office does not have a road service agreement. Drivers are not authorized to have repairs made without consultation with Public Safety and Service.

The college will not reimburse any driver who has unauthorized repairs made to a college vehicle. Any expense incurred for unauthorized repairs, alternate transportation or lodging is the responsibility of the individual or the department for whom they are driving.

Accident Procedures

General Information

Safely stop at the scene. Have someone call the local police for off campus accident and Public Safety and Service on-campus accidents at x2304. Off campus accidents must be reported to the local police, no matter how minor. Have passengers get out of the vehicle and away from the road, exiting from the side away from traffic if possible. Set out triangle reflectors, if available.

Be as calm and courteous as possible. Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than the police or college officials except to obtain driver, vehicle, insurance carrier and witness information.
Please see Risk Management for additional procedures.

Vehicles that are damaged are to be towed to a repair facility at the direction from Public Safety and Service. Under no conditions should drivers attempt to "limp" a damage vehicle back to campus.

Be sure to notify Public Safety and Service with your written accident report when you return to campus. Failure to notify Public Safety and Service of damage of an accident to a fleet vehicle will result in revocation of vehicle use privileges for a minimum of one (1) academic year.

In the event of bodily injury:

Make absolutely certain that police are informed if there are injuries and get medical assistance. Keep the injured warm and still. Never move a person who has or is complaining of neck or back pain unless otherwise threatening conditions command.

If the injured is taken from the scene for medical treatment, find out where.

Notify Public Safety and Service immediately at 413-538-2304 so the family and other college officials can be notified.

If you, the driver, are injured, you must find another person to drive you back to the college after appropriate medical treatment is sought.

Insurance Information:

Please see Risk Management for information on insurance coverage.

Fleet Accident Investigation & Disciplinary Action:

All accidents are reviewed and investigated by the Fleet Coordinator and/or Public Safety and Service to determine the cause of the accident and if the accident was preventable or non-preventable. If the driver of the college's vehicle was at fault, the finding will be documented and disciplinary proceedings will be initiated. Reported incidents or near misses, reckless driving and failure to wear seatbelts will also be investigated for appropriate disciplinary action.

Appeals of the Coordinator's review can be submitted to the College's Risk Manager. See also the section on service charges for the penalties associated with accidents.

Reassignment of Vehicles Due to Accident/Damage

Unfortunately, vehicle breakdowns are unavoidable. If a vehicle that has been reserved is unavailable due to repairs or safety problems, the Coordinator will attempt to find another vehicle for the group. This may not always be possible and groups may need to find other transportation. On weekends, Public Safety and Servicee has limited means to replace a vehicle that has broken down. Public Safety and Service will try to move a group into another fleet vehicle that is not being used. If there are no other fleet vehicles, the group will need to find other transportation.