Fleet Service Charges

  1. If a vehicle is not returned on time, there will be a late fee of $25 per hour the vehicle is late. Also, if this occurs after normal fleet scheduling hours, the department or organization needing the vehicle will be allowed to rent a vehicle that will be charged to the department or organization that did not return the fleet vehicle. 
  2. When a department or organization reserves a fleet vehicle and does not use it, they will incur a $30 charge. Cancellations must be made during the Fleet Office hours. Weekday cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance by calling the Fleet Office or email the Fleet Coordinator as soon as you know that you will not use the vehicle. Weekend cancellations must be received prior to 3pm on Friday. 
  3. If a vehicle has to be canceled when the fleet office is closed, the department or organization will be charged a $30 fee. 
  4. There is a $30 charge to clean vehicles if they are returned dirty. 
  5. Departments or organizations that fail to fill up the vehicle’s gas tank will be charged a $15 fee. 
  6. While the Fleet Office does not normally provide drivers for trips, in special circumstances drivers may be available. For all bus reservations, drivers will be provided. In both circumstances, the driver charges depend on the destination. Driver charges for vans and sedans are $30/hr. Request for this service must be made at least 3 weeks in advance. The Fleet Office cannot guarantee a diver will be found. 
  7. Vehicles must be returned to their designated parking area in the Upper MacGregor Lot. Departments or organizations that do not properly return a vehicle will be charged a $15 fee. 
  8. If vehicles binders, keys or gas cards are not returned at the end of the reservation, the department or organization will be charge a $25 fee. 
  9. Lost or broken fleet vehicle keys must be reported immediately to the Fleet Office or Public Safety and Service. The department or organization will be charged a $30 fee or the cost of replacing the keys, whichever is greater. 
  10. Each fleet vehicle has an EZ-Pass transponder.  The department or organization will be charged the toll/fee.
  11. If a ticket or parking fine is received during a reservation, the department or organization is responsible for the citation. If a driver should receive a preventable moving violation, the driver will lose their driving privileges for one semester. If a driver should receive a second preventable moving violation, privileges will be permanently revoked. Students who face criminal charges, including driving reckless, driving to endanger, leaving the scene of an accident or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol may face additional disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Employees may also face employment disciplinary action. 
  12. Drivers who do not operate vehicles in accordance with college policies, even if there is no accident or violation, may face the same disciplinary action as for accidents or moving violations if the college determines the report is adequate and reliable. In particular, reports of college vehicles where the occupants are not wearing safety belts or which are being operated recklessly will be treated with utmost seriousness. 
  13. All paperwork must be completed at the end of the trip. If the paperwork is not filled out, the department or organization will be charge a $25 fee. 
  14. If use of the fleet vehicles is not for college business, the department or organization will be charged a $250 per day fee for the reservation. 
  15. The approved non-college conference groups that rent fleet vehicles during the summer will be charged the following daily rates: 12-passenger van $150 per day 7-passenger van $100 per day 5-passenger sedan $90 per day.   Overnight usage may be permitted after discussion with the Fleet Coordinator. 
  16. Departments and organizations will be charged for any damage to a fleet vehicle that occurs due to the fault of the driver. Also, departments and organizations will be charged for any damage to a vehicle regardless of fault if the accident is not reported to the local police at the location where the accident/damage occurred while using the vehicle. 
  17. The maximum charged for vehicle damage will be the deductible limit of the college's vehicle insurance policy, currently $500, unless the group fails to report the accident to Public Safety and Service when the vehicle is returned and this failure results in the denial of the claim by the insurance company. In such cases, the department or organization may be responsible for the entire loss. Departments and organizations have a thirty (30) day maximum to pay the deductible costs. If the deductible is not reimbursed, the department or organization will lose their privileges until the bill is paid. 
  18. If the accident has been determined to be a hit and run or if other physical damage is done, the department or organization must report the accident to the local police (or to Public Safety and Service on campus) at the scene and time of the accident or when the damage is discovered. The department or organization should obtain verbal confirmation from the local police that a report will be filed with the local police information (phone, address and reporting officer). Failure to report the accident to local police will result in your department or organization being charge for any deductible for the physical damage to the vehicle. 
  19. If damage is found after a department or organization has used a fleet vehicle and has not reported it to Public Safety and Service, the department or organization that used the vehicle last will be charged for the vehicle repair. If we identify a driver who has not reported an accident or damage to a vehicle, that individual or group will lose its driving privileges.
  20. If you are caught driving a fleet vehicle while using a mobile device, you will be responsible for:
    • the state fine,
    • loss of your driving privileges for 6 months, AND
    • your organization or department will be responsible for a $50 fee.