Driver Authorization

Fleet Orientation and Driver Prerequisites

All Fleet vehicles can only be driven by fleet-authorized drivers. The authorization process involves two steps: attendance at a fleet orientation class and submission of the prospective driver's history report.

Fleet Orientation Classes

Fleet Orientation Classes are scheduled by the Fleet Coordinator. Classes fill quickly, so drivers and organizations needing drivers should plan well in advance to complete the class. Classes are taught by Campus Police officers who have been trained in fleet rules and driving concerns. Drivers should allow at least one week to process applications completed during the class to be reviewed and approved before driving vehicles. Note: a driver must have had a driver's license for at least one year before applying to drive the College's fleet vehicles.

Application Review

All prospective fleet drivers are required to complete an application at the Fleet Orientation Class. This application includes information about the driver and the driver's history.

Driver's History Submission

New fleet driver's cannot operate a fleet vehicle until they have submitted a driver's history to the Fleet Coordinator. This history must be submitted from the state in which their driver's license has been issued. If the driver has had their current license for less than a year and has had licenses from other states, s/he must submit a driver's history from the previous state as well. Note: It can take two weeks for this form to be received. Drivers should to have the form mailed to them and deliver it to the Fleet Coordinator so the driver knows when this has arrived.