Student Organization/Clubs

Student organizations must meet the following qualifications prior to being able to use Fleet Vehicles:

  • Reservations can only be made 14 days in advance.  In trying to keep vehicles open to as many groups as possiable, student groups can only make 3 reservations in the 14 days timeframe.
  • Vehicles can only travel 200 miles away from campus.  If an employee is accompining the group, vehicles can travel 250 miles away from campus.
  • The organization must register with student programs and complete a Fleet Vehicle Authorization form.  When this is signed and forwarded to the Fleet office, the organization may then make reservations.
  • The organization must have a college financial account as groups are responsible for usage fines when incurred by drivers authorized by the organization.
  • All drivers MUST be Fleet authorized prior to driving. Vehicles will not be released to an unauthorized driver.

Residence Hall Vehicle Usage Requirements

The residence hall process is similar, except the Office of Residential Life must sign the Fleet Vehicle Authorization form.