Pick Up and Drop Off Fleet Vehicles

Picking Up Fleet Vehicles

Fleet vehicle keys and binder are available in the Public Safety and Service dispatch center which is open 24 hours a day, located in the Public Safety Building on Everett Road. The vehicle binder will only be released after the driver presents their One Card to the dispatcher. The vehicle binder includes the vehicle keys, trip sheet, registration, fuel card and fleet information.

The fleet vehicles are parked in the Ham/MacGregor parking lot. Public Safety and Service does not deliver vehicles. Generally, keys may be picked up no more than15 minutes prior to the reservation time. During the winter, groups should plan on enough time to warm up the vehicle and clear any snow or ice. The Fleet Coordinator and Public Safety and Service do not remove snow or ice from the vehicles.

The driver is required to do a safety check of the vehicle prior to leaving campus. Damage to vehicles that is found by the driver during the safety check must be reported to Public Safety and Service and noted on the trip sheet prior to leaving campus. Vehicles that have obvious safety problems observed should not be taken on a trip and should be reported immediately to Public Safety and Service. If there is a replacement vehicle available, one will be substituted.

Returning Fleet Vehicles

Fleet Vehicles must be returned to their parking area in the Ham/MacGregor parking lot. They may not be returned to any other location. The Fleet Office and Public Safety and Service will not pick up vehicles. Once you return the vehicle, take a moment and check for new damage and make a note of any vehicle safety issues. New damage on a vehicle when it is returned will be responsibility of the department or organization for the repairs. Notifying the fleet office of any damage, safety or mechanical problems is to assist the college in keeping the fleet in good operating condition.

Vehicles must be returned with a full tank of gas. If you are returning to campus and have enough fuel, you can simply fill up at Facilities Management using the vehicle's campus fuel card. To fill up outside of South Hadley, use the Wright Express (WEX) gas card that is accepted at many service stations. Use the driver ID # that is on the trip sheet for the pin number.  As a general rule, the Fleet Office will not provide reimbursements for fuel purchases.

Once the vehicle is parked, the vehicle binder must be returned to Public Safety and Service. The trip sheet must be fully completed with mileage, fuel purchases and signature before returning the binder. The keys must be returned to the binder with both fuel cards.