Distribution of Notices and Flyers

Departments or student organizations may send flyers and notices to the campus community free of charge. Please email the Supervisor of Campus Mail Processing  for size and content restrictions and also for current number of copies needed for your target group. Flyers and notices must be delivered to Mail Services 3 days before the requested distribution date. Any questionable content in a mailing will be brought to the attention of the Dean of the College for a determination on whether the piece may be distributed.

Help us to GO GREEN!

Be environmentally responsible with campus wide distributions... consider sending 1 or 2 flyers to each residence hall, office or department for posting instead of sending one to each student or staff and faculty member.

Outside vendors may distribute approved materials to the student mailboxes for a fee (see price schedule below). Approved material for staff and departments will be distributed free of charge.

Target Group(s) and Price

  • Any 1 class of students: $25
  • Any 2 classes of students: $50
  • Any 3 classes of students: $75
  • All Students: $100
  • Any sub-group within any class: price on request