Residence Hall Laundry Machines

We are pleased to share that we have contracted with a new laundry vendor, Automatic Laundry Company and that over the summer, all new machines were installed in every residence hall.

In addition to being brand new, all of the laundry machines have been upgraded to state-of-the-art Speed Queen Quantum machines and all washers are Energy Star certified. In addition, the card readers have been upgraded - you now insert your card at the machine you want to use and an online system (Automatic Laundry) will notify you when cycles are complete and you can check on machine availability. The system also alerts our service provider of any issues with the machines, reducing downtime and ensuring that our laundry rooms operate at peak efficiency.  

Due to the significant upgrade in the machines, the cost of utilizing them has increased.  An individual cycle on a washer or dryer is $1.75  We believe that the improved machines and service will give good value for the cost and is still well below the price per load at a local laundry provider of $2.00 for smaller machines and up to $6.50 for larger machines

If you have questions or concerns about the laundry program, please contact auxiliary services at or see the website at