Mail for Faculty and Staff

The Mail & Copy Center provides U.S. Postal and private carrier shipping services to faculty and staff in the Mount Holyoke College administrative departments including receipt and delivery of U.S. Mail, Five College courier mail, United Parcel Service, Fedex, DHL and others.

Receiving and Sending Mail at Mount Holyoke

Customs Forms Regulations

  • U.S. Postal Service regulations require that customs forms must now be filled out online and then printed.

Bulk Mail Services

Services provided by The Mail & Copy Center

Mailings under 500 pieces

  • The Mail & Copy Center will apply postage to all daily desktop mail and First-Class mailings under 500 pieces
  • Mail needs to be received in The Mail & Copy Center with documents inserted in envelopes and labels already applied. The Mail & Copy Center will affix postage and mail the item

Mailing advice for cost efficiency

Contact The Mail & Copy Center at the beginning of your mailing project to discuss your needs and get suggestions as to which services should be handled in-house and which should be sent off-campus to maximize savings.

The Mail & Copy Center is happy to assist in guiding you through the process by

  • recommending ways to save based on the size and content of your mailing
  • aiding in the choice of a vendor that is well suited to meet both the college’s cost goals and your timeline

Copying services for mailings

The Mail & Copy Center provides select duplicating and copying services including contents for large mailings (even over 500 pieces).

These services include:

  • photocopying / duplicating
  • postcards
  • letters
  • flyers
  • brochures
  • folding (single sheet only)
  • large format printing (posters)
  • poster mounting (up to 24 x 36)
  • booklet making
  • paper cutting
  • laminating
  • self-adhesive address label printing (for First-Class mailings under 500 pieces)
    • Excel file required
    • departments need to affix their own labels

Services handled by outside vendors

Bulk mailings

The College has partnered with several local prepreferred suppliers to provide bulk mail services. This will allow departments to receive preferred pricing, speedy and streamlined service for bulk mailings.

Addressing of discounted bulk mailings requiring barcoding and permit usage should be sent to outside vendors for

  • Non-Profit Mailings (200+ pieces required)
  • Presort First-Class Mail (500+ pieces required)

The Mail & Copy Center maintains and manages the college’s postal permits (Non-Profit and Presort First-Class)

  • notify The Mail & Copy Center a minimum of 2 weeks before sending a discounted mailing to a vendor to ensure there are sufficient funds available in the permit account
  • the cost of postage will be charged to the department


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