Mail for Students

New  for 2016-2017


Students with a 4000 series mailstop number will pick up their mail at Auxiliary Services located in the Central Services Complex on Lower Lake Road. Students with a 1000, 2000, or 3000 series mailstop code will still pick up their mail at Blanchard Campus Center. Package pickup remains at Auxiliary Services.

All students should use the new mail address format:

50 College Street MHC ####
South Hadley MA 01075-1461

(#### = mailstop number) 


Customs Forms

Important... International Mail / Customs Forms Rule Changes
from the U.S. Postal Service

  • U.S. Postal Service regulations require that customs forms must now be filled out online and then printed.

Addressing Information

Student Mailboxes

Receiving and Sending Mail at MHC

Keeping Your Mail Secure

Forwarding Mail

Postage Calculators



Comments & Suggestions

End of Semester Mailbox Key Returns   

  • Students keep the same mailbox & key for their entire stay at the college.
  • You should not turn in your mailbox key unless you are graduating or leaving the campus permanently.
  • If you are leaving permanently, mailbox keys should be returned to Auxiliary Services.

Shipping Parcels to MHC

The correct address format for student mail is:

Student Name
50 College Street MHC ####
South Hadley,MA 01075-1461

(####  = Student Mailstop Numbers)

  • Please do not use residence hall addresses to send mail or parcels to the campus.
  • Students should never use the terms post office box or P.O Box when giving out their address.
  • Mail without the proper address format shown above may not get to the college or may be substantially delayed.