Tech Tips for Telephone

Commonly Reported Telephone Technical Help Questions

Your Calls Are Not GoingTo Your Voice Mailbox
If you are a student, you need to forward your phone to voice mail. You need to do this at your telephone. Lift the receiver, dial *4 and dial extension 3060. Your calls will now go into your voice mailbox after 4 rings.

If you are faculty or staff, you need to be at your telephone and dial in *4 and 2660.

If you need calls to be forwarded when your phone is busy, dial in *3 and 2660.

You Hear A High Pitched Squeal Instead Of A Dial Tone
If you hear a high pitched tone instead of a dial tone, you may have a stuck key. Try pressing all your keys. Sometimes you can see which key is depressed.

You Hear Beeping Noises When Answering Your Phone
If you answer your telephone and instead of hearing a person's voice you hear beeps, it means that someone is trying to fax to your telephone. If you are faculty/staff, you can transfer the call to your fax machine.

Your Calls Are Going To Another ExtensionTo cancel forwarding after 4 rings, press #4 from your telephone.

Your Phone Rings Once But When You Pick It Up No One Is There
That means you have forwarded all your calls to another extension. Press #2 from your telephone to cancel the forward all feature.

No Dial Tone or Static
If there's no dial tone or static when you plug in your phone, follow the the steps below to locate the problem before you report it to Auxiliary Services. Before you call, please follow these self-help steps:

  • Place another working cord and phone into the jack. If the phone does not work, call Auxiliary Services at x3111.
  • If the phone works, check your equipment.¬†
  • Leave the other cord and plug in your phone. If the phone works, you need to replace your cord.
  • If the phone does not work, Replace the handset cord.
  • If the phone works, you need a new handset cord.
  • If the phone does not work, if you are student you need a new phone.¬†Departments will need to call Auxiliary Services at x3111.