Flower Show Gallery

Every spring the Botanic Garden presents its annual flower show, beginning on the first Saturday of March and running for three weeks. The beloved tradition, which began in 1971, offers a welcome glimpse of spring for winter-weary visitors from around the region and beyond.

The Botanic Garden staff works for most of the year to offer a newly designed display of colorful and fragrant plants and flowers. Every spring, the people behind the show decide on the next year’s general theme. They order thousands of flowers and bulbs, which are delivered in early fall and set up in the basement of the Talcott Greenhouse to germinate.

In early winter, the new plants are moved upstairs into the light. They’re placed in their very specific arrangements and come into full bloom just in time for the opening of the show.

2016:  “Emerald Isle”

Spring Flower Show 2016

2015: “Tropical Oasis”

Spring Flower Show 2015