Tina Le ’18 was drawn to the “magnificent camellias” in the Botanic Garden for her research.
Using the College’s living lab, Tina Le ’18 developed her own independent study and gained hands-on research experience in the field of plant genetics.
This image shows the sculpture while it was being created, as well as the laser cutter which was utilized.
Art and architecture students collaborate with the Botanic Garden to design and build a sculptural fountain for Mount Holyoke's 2018 Spring Flower Show.
Kalanchoes are  laid out on benches on a south-facing bench in the Talcott Greenhouse, waiting to be taken home.
Since 1971, every new student has received a plant from the Botanic Garden. Last summer, three students reinvented the tradition.
mount holyoke college greenhouse
Cynthia Faith FP ‘12 discusses working at the Talcott Greenhouse.