Panel Discussions

The Schuck Legacy

Date: November 5, 2015

Recollections from Congress, Executive Branch, and the States
Moderator:  Judith Lonnquist '62, President, Law Offices of Judith A. Lonnquist, P.S.
1. Sally Bliss Davis '69, former president of the Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association
2. Linda Melconian '70, former Massachusetts Senate Majority Leader
3. Peggy Rotundo '71, representative, Maine Legislature
4. Susan Shirk '67, chair, 21st Century China Program, School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California, San Diego

Who's Making Public Policy? A 50-Year Evolution
Alice Tetelman '62, former US Senate and House staff member
1. Simrit Chhabra '13, 2nd year masters student at Columbia University’s School of Public and International Affairs
2. Charlene van Dijk '07, portfolio manager, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Community Development Financial Institutions Fund
3. Sharon Francis '59, former executive director, Connecticut River Joint Commissions
4. Marcy Wilkov Waterman '71, vice chair of the Board of Directors of a NYC non-profit
5. Carol Heinsius Wire '68, program director and grant writer, Dress for Success Oregon

Weissman Center Panel:  MHC Then and Now: Public Service Internships, Leadership, and Beyond
Janet Lansberry, Assistant Director, Weissman Center for Leadership
1. Jessica Avery '15, aide to State Representative Frank Smizik, Brookline, Massachusetts
2. Jillian Duclos FP'17, vice president, Francis Perkins Scholar Association
3. Dr. Andrea Lange '71, assistant dean, Washington College
4. Mary Lee Warren '64, former deputy assistant attorney general, Department of Justice, Criminal Division


A Seat at the Table : Women Leading in Public Service Summit

Dates: November 6 & 7, 2015

Women and the 2016 Elections : Closing the Political Leadership Gap
Centered on the changing landscape of women’s opportunity and participation in public service, this panel brings together alumnae with experience ranging from campaign strategy and fundraising for female candidates to holding public office. The panelists will address topics including: rates and demographics of women running for office; the interests of women as a democratic constituency; the role of women’s political caucuses and NGOs in campaign financing; and the future for women in American politics.

Moderator: Elizabeth Markovits, Associate Professor of Politics
1. Ashley O'Connor ’95, managing partner of Strategic Partners & Media and founding partner of Burning Glass Consulting
2. Betsy Mullins ’90, independent consultant
3. Karen Middleton ’88, executive director, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado
4. Mary Hughes ’74, president of Hughes & Company and founder of close the gap CA

International Politics & American Hegemony

The post-9/11 era of global politics has yielded questions about the endurance of American hegemony, both politically and economically. Comprised of stateswomen and specialists with regional expertise spanning from Latin America to Southeast Asia, this panel will explore interstate relations and coalition building; geopolitics of energy and climate change; and the role of military and economic strength in structuring international politics.

Moderator: Vincent Ferraro, Ruth Lawson Professor of Politics
1. Lourdes Melgar, PhD, ’85, deputy secretary of energy for hydrocarbons, Mexico
2. Amy P. Celico ’91, principal, Albright Stonebridge Group
3. Claude de Renty du Granrut ’48, former member, Committee of the Regions of the European Union

Nonprofits & Civil Rights : At the Boundaries of Policy
Whether domestic or international, non-profit organizations frequently step in to meet community needs left unmet by public policy. This panel brings together alumnae leaders in nonprofit organizing, social enterprise, and civil rights law to discuss the intersections of NGO work and legal reform in addressing community needs. This discussion will explore strides made toward social equity and access through both NGO and legal reform work, and the extent to which NGOs may foster solidarity and strengthen communities.

Moderator: Becky Packard, Professor of Psychology & Education
1. Naomi Barry-Perez ’96, director of civil rights for the U.S. Department of Labor
2. Sandy Rosenthal ’79, founder,
3. Kat Calvin ’05, founder, Michelle in Training
4. Meejin Richart ’09, community organizer

Where We Go From Here : Women in Politics in the Decade to Come
Following two days of topical discussions and speakers dedicated to electoral politics, international relations, nonprofits, and legal reform, this panel will be a capstone moment to reflect on necessary next steps. This panel features the broadest occupational diversity of the Summit, including alumnae with backgrounds ranging from charitable foundations to political research. In the spirit of the event as a whole, this panel will interrogate the ground we have yet to cover in achieving political parity for women.

Moderator: Lynn Pasquerella ’80, president, Mount Holyoke College
1. Hannah Sistare ’66, fellow, National Academy of Public Administration, Vicky Schuck intern
2. Dianne Doherty ’59, regional director, Western Massachusetts Regional Office of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network
3. Kathleen O’Connor Ives ’99, state senator for Massachusetts
4. Ann O’Leary ’93, senior policy advisor at Hillary for America and co-founder at The Opportunity Institute