Recycling and Waste Reduction

How to Recycle @ MHC

Recycling for New Students

How to recycle at move in and beyond.


Residence Halls

Central bins for trash and recycling are located on each floor.


In each office, there is a deskside blue recycling bin.

Public Areas

Bins for bottles and cans are located throughout the academic and administrative buildings.


Complete the cycle — Mount Holyoke composts food waste from all dining halls and Blanchard Campus Center.

Recycling Facts and Tips

Manufacturing Life Cycle and Climate Change

Recycling is nothing more than a manufacturing process.

For more details on how the recycling process works (PDF)

Recycling Statistics

Recycling at Mount Holyoke started in 1991. Facts on what Mount Holyoke recycles and how much.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at MHC (PDF)

Applying the three "R's" to the Mount Holyoke College campus.

Eco-Friendly Offices

Small actions repeated every day can significantly reduce the environmental impact of your work.