How it works:

  • For students, there is a bin at the dish window. Please scrape your food waste into the bin before leaving your plate at the dish window.
  • For Dining Services staff, there are bins behind the scenes to compost pre-consumer food prep, including potato peels, lettuce trimmings, etc.

Other tips to reduce food waste on campus:

Dining Services is committed to providing students with healthy and nutritious food in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment. Please help us in this effort by:

  • Take all you want, but please take only what you need. Remember you can go back through the line as many times as you wish - you don't need to overload your plate with food you won't eat.
  • Dining Services provides a limited take out option. If you have a meeting, class, or other activity that requires you to be away from a dining room during mealtime, you can get a meal to go. However, please don't abuse this service by taking disposable items unless absolutely necessary.
  • Please bring your reusable mug. Dining Services allows the use of wide mouth reusable mugs for to-go beverages, as long as that mug does not touch the nozzle of the beverage dispenser.

What can be composted on campus?

Note: The small quantities of meat typically served by the campus are OK.