Recycling Batteries

Mount Holyoke collects used batteries generated on campus for recycling.  There are containers in several public locations

One container is for Alkaline Batteries, (typical size AA, AAA, C, D). The other container is for Mixed Batteries, (Li-ion, Ni-Cad, "Button," Mercury, Silver Oxide, etc. - all types except alkaline and lead-acid).

If you have Lead-Acid batteries, please contact Facilities Management (x2012). Please do not put them in these containers and never leave them in public or residential areas or anywhere on campus.

The public collection areas are located on the counters by the elevators in Carr Laboratory, the counter by the mailboxes in Blanchard, in Dwight near the printing station in the MEWS, in the Biology office in Clapp and in the Geology/Geography office in Clapp. Please make sure you are putting the batteries in the proper containers in the public collection areas.

Residential areas will to have large battery collection container in the laundry room for all battery types.

As a reminder, these containers are provided to collect batteries generated from College equipment and students living on campus only. Please do not bring batteries from home - contact your city's or town's waste collection department for instructions on recycling in your city or town.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our recycling program successful and sustainable.