About Us

The Campus Police Department serves the Mount Holyoke College community. Our staff is responsible for the safety and security of our communities, including:

  • crime prevention programming
  • investigations
  • patrol and response services
  • assistance to our faculty, staff, students and visitors

We are an accredited campus police department staffed with academy-trained police officers, professional dispatchers and administrative staff. Our colleges, unfortunately, are not a crimeless, isolated worlds. Unfortunately, crimes are committed here just as they are off campus, in your hometown, or in cities large and small. We are therefore providing this information to inform you of the campus safety services and programs available to you and to urge you to act responsibly and help promote public safety on campus.

The Campus Police Department provides protection and services to all members of the college community, including its visitors and guests, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department's full-time officers are trained professionals. They have police powers on college property (as granted under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 22C, Section 63) and are sworn Hampshire County deputy sheriffs. All officers must complete training as mandated by the Massachusetts State Police.

Moreover, each officer is certified yearly in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first-aid techniques, and every three years in first-responder skills. Each also attends a training session on civil rights and diversity, and four officers have been certified by the state as sexual assault investigators.

The department maintains close working relationships with the college and with our local police departments (Amherst, Northampton, and South Hadley), the Massachusetts State Police and the Northwestern District Attorney's office.

The Department is committed to community policing, and staff members are available to partner with community members and organizations to provide crime prevention programs and problem-solving initiatives on the campuses.

Safety and security is a shared responsibility. If you have any concerns about safety on your campus, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work in partnership with all the members of our communities to foster a relationship of trust and cooperation in order to provide a safe and welcoming environment that is consistent with the values and goals of our college communities. The Department will accomplish this mission through its commitment to community policing, an organizational culture that respects and protects the civil rights of all individuals, adherence to the principles of accountability and transparency and the retention and professional development of our personnel.  

Our Offices

Important: For our community members who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, late deafened, or speech-impaired, you can contact us without any special device calling the Massachusetts Relay Service free of charge. Dial 711 from a mobile phone and provide the office phone number (413-538-2304). From a campus phone, you can call:

Speech-to-Speech (STS)  1-866-645-9870
TTY and ASCII  1-800-439-2370
Voice-Carry-Over (VCO)  1-866-887-6619

Mount Holyoke College

Campus Police Building, 1 Everett Road (across from the Career Development Center