Aircraft Crash

There is a limiited potential for an aircraft crash onto campus due to the proximity of several airfields. The following procedures should be followed should an aircraft crash on the campus.

Crash into campus Building(s)

  • Immediately take cover under tables or desks and remain clear of all windows to protect from falling or flying debris until mass movement stops.
  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station and evacuate the building quickly, following the established routes and procedures, if possible. Consider the potential fire and explosion to be increasing if fire or explosion did not occur on impact.
  • If you have a cell phone, call Campus Police to report the situation.
  • Assemble at the pre-designated assembly point, if it is safe to do so, or proceed to an alternate assembly point as directed by the Campus Police or other responding emergency personnel.
  • Wait at the safe assembly point until otherwise directed by the Campus Police or other responding emergency personnel.
  • If required, a campus-wide evacuation will be conducted when it is safe to do so without complicating the emergency response.

If You Become Trapped

  • Alert emergency search and rescue crews or anyone within shouting distance of your location.
  • If a campus telephone is available attempt to call Campus Police and report your location.
  • If a window is accessible, place an article of clothing or other signal in the window to alert rescuers to your location. Whistle, shout, use any object at hand to pound on a wall or door to make noise at regular intervals to alert rescuers to your location.
  • Stay low, near the floor. During a fire the air nearest the floor will contain the least smoke, contaminants and heat.
  • If you are injured, tend to your wounds.
  • Remember, the first priority during any emergency is life safety. Help is on the way.

Crash Near Campus

  • In the event of a major community emergency, the campus may be used as a staging area or command post by emergency responders.
  • Keep campus access roads open and remain clear of the command post and responders.
  • Follow building evacuation plans.
  • Wait at designated assembly points until receiving further instructions from an campus official or emergency responder.