Barbara Arrighi

Deputy Chief

Email: Barbara Arrighi

Deputy Chief Barbara Arrighi has been with the College since 1974. Barbara graduated from the Massachusetts State Police Academy in 1980, earned her bachelor degree in Police Administration from UMASS in 1985 and taught defensive tactics regularly at the regional Police Academy for many years. She is a certified sexual assault and domestic violence investigator. In addition to her duties leading the Campus Police Department, Barbara teaches self defense on campus and is the head instructor for the college's Karate Club. Barbara has been teaching for the Physical Education department since 1976. In 1994 Barbara began teaching Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) as part of her self-defense curriculum, which has been very well received by the Mount Holyoke College community. Barbara is a 8th Degree black belt in ShitoRyu Karate Do, and has achieved the title Hanshi, Shito Ryu International Karate (click on the link to Shihan Kai and you will find her!) - the highest ranking woman in her style in the world! See more about Barbara and the campus Karate Club. Barbara is a staff member for RAD and helped develop their keychain defense program. Barbara has a daughter who is a 2015 graduate of Harvard University. Among other interests she enjoys opera, Broadway shows, Patriots, Red Sox, sailing, bike riding and travel.