Bicycle Registration

Mount Holyoke College  | Smith College

The primary function of the Bicycle Registration Program is to provide identification for bicycles stored on campus. Each bicycle registered with the Parking Office has an expiration date, so be sure to check this when affixing your decal.

Why Should I Register A Bicycle?

1. To Discourage Theft and Identify Your Bicycle

The information on the bicycle is kept on file at the Campus Police Department for several years, so even if a student has graduated and something happens to her bicycle, we will be able to provide her information on her bicycle if she can not locate its serial number, etc. Additionally, the sticker identifies the bicycle as belonging to someone who is at Mount Holyoke College, so if it is located by a law enforcement agency, they will contact the College and therefore the bicycle is more likely to be returned to its owner.

2. To Prevent its Removal From Campus

Unregistered bicycles and those registered to student who have graduated are considered abandoned and are removed at the end of each academic year in order to make room for new bicycles being brought to campus. Storage space on campus is very limited, and removal of bicycles no longer being used is vital to assure that there is space for new bicycles.

There is not a limit on the number of bicycles a person can register while they are on campus; however, to be fair to other bicycle owners, members of the community should have no more than two bicycles stored on campus at one time so everyone will have room to store their bicycles.

Mount Holyoke College

Any student, faculty or staff member who stores a bicycle on the Mount Holyoke College campus can register with the Campus Police. You can register your bicycle online or complete a Bicycle registration form and bring to the Parking Office in Central Services.

The information we will need for the registration process is the bicycle's make, color, number of speeds and serial number. The serial number is engraved on the bicycle frame (not on wheels, etc.) and is often located under the bicycle between the pedals.

Bicycle registration is provided free of charge to members of the Mount Holyoke College Community.

Smith College

Register your bicycle at Smith. Print out form and bring it to the Parking Office.

Check out our Decal Placement and Crime Prevention document.