Bomb Threats

If you receive a bomb threat:

  1. Be calm. Do not panic.
  2. On display-type telephones note the number from where the call is coming.
  3. Note the exact time of the call.
  4. Write down as accurately as possible the statements made.
  5. Listen to the voice to determine the sex, age, accents, lisps, etc. (Note any distinguishing feature.)
  6. Listen for background noises.
  7. Attempt to question the caller and note his/her responses.
    1. Where is the bomb?
    2. When will it go off?
    3. What does it look like?
    4. What kind of bomb is it?
    5. Did you place the bomb?
    6. Why?
    7. What is your name and address?
    8. Take note of the caller's speech - was the caller's speech fast, slow, low, high, slurred, accented; was s/he angry, calm, crying?
    9. What background noises did you hear - traffic? factory noises? television? air traffic? office machinery?
  8. Immediately notify the Campus Police Department.
  9. Notfy your supervisor of the incident.


Should it become necessary to evacuate a building the decision to evacuate generally will be made by consultation of the Campus Police, Fire, and Departments in the building. Occasionally, due to time constraints, the Campus Police may make the decision without consultation.

If your building is evacuated, be sure to follow the directions of emergency personnel on the scene and move to the designated area outside the building and wait for further instructions.

The College will prosecute to the fullest extent possible under law any persons placing any threat to students, faculty, staff, and campus facilities.