Programs & Workshops


The Department offers a wide variety of programming for our students, faculty, and staff.  Don't see something? Ask us and we will design a program around your needs.  All classes can be tailored to the need of your residence, department, or organization. 

Contact Outreach Officer Earl Brown to request any workshop below.  

  • Bicycle Safety (tons of information regarding bicycle equipment, safety equipment, locking devices, and the laws pertaining to bicyclists)
  • CPR (contact Kevin Fournier at 585-2493 to request a class)
  • Department Safety presentations (SAFE program, department security audits, and campus and personal safety workshops)
  • Drug and Alcohol awareness programs (including the popular Fatal Vision goggle demonstrations)
  • Karate Club (offered by the Department at Mount Holyoke)
  • Orientation programs (offered to new students during Orientation events)
  • "Police Department" (an introductory workshop ideal for new students who may have questions about safety, the role of the Campus Police Department, parking, or who are just curious about what resources are available to them)
  • RAD Self Defense Program (Mount Holyoke: contact the Athletic Department; Smith: contact Campus Police)
  • Residence Hall presentations (topics vary based on the the specific needs and requests of the inviting hall - contact us for ideas)
  • Sexual Assault workshops (What is sexual assault? How can I reduce my risk? What resources are available for survivors of sexual assault?)
  • Streetwise and Safe (a basic safety workshop based on crime prevention and safety awareness)