Detective Unit

The Campus Police Detective Unit investigates crimes reported within the three campuses we serve.  The variety of cases investigated range from misdemeanor crimes to serious felonies.  Casework is generated by a combination of response to assist Patrol Officers, self generated investigations and referrals from other sources.   The Detectives serve as the liaison to other surrounding local police agencies, the Massachusetts State Police and other college Campus Police Departments.  

The Detectives receive extensive training in criminal investigations, evidence recovery and seizure, interview techniques and victimology.  They also are the primary investigators for Sexual Assaults and Domestic Violence cases.  They work with a variety of inter-departmental task forces and committees to obtain greater resources for investigations and to better support our community members who find themselves the victim of crime on campus.  The Detectives' work focuses towards the solvability of casework, application of warrants or referral to College Deans and the needs of the victims.  The Detectives also function as the department's court officers, representing the department in most district and superior court cases.

The unit is supervised by Detective Sergeant Kevin Fournier.