Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency the College will contact the community by sending messages via:

  • Text message to cell phones or mobile devices
  • Voice message (mobile or land-line)
  • Email to your campus email address

The Emergency Notificaton System allows the College to effectively communicate emergency information to a large number of people at virtually the same time. It will not be used as a way to send non-emergency, routine or spam messages.

Example Situations

  • Facility emergencies
  • Potential life-threatening situations on campus
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Activation of emergency response team

Policy on Participant Conduct

This service is designed to alert individual participants when an emergency occurs requiring the College community attention or action. It is College policy that participants:

  • DO input their information completely and accurately
  • DO update their information when it changes
  • DO NOT input false contact information
  • DO NOT input others' contact information

How can I update my contact information?

The College's email address will be entered for each student and faculty/staff member. Everyone is encouraged to provide multiple means of contact. For most, the most effective means is text message and cell phone. Typically, SMS text messages are delivered fastest. Delays may occur depending on the campus email pipeline.

It is the responsibility of students, faculty and staff to make sure this information is accurate and up to date in order to receive notifications.

Mount Holyoke College

  • Students should log onto my.mtholyoke to update your information
  • Faculty and staff should contact Human Resources by sending an email to hr-payroll-l@mtholyoke.edu or calling x2503 to request your information be modified.

Smith College

  • Log onto BannerWeb to update your information

Is my contact information kept private?

Yes. The cell, home and on-campus office numbers recorded in these college systems for use by the emergency notification system will be used only for emergency notification purposes.

Why would I not receive these messages?

  • If you are not a registered student or an active College employee at the time of notification
  • If the information provided to the College is not up-to-date
  • Issues with your mobile device service provider
  • Spam filter may have blocked an e-mail from being delivered

Is there a charge to participate?

The emergency notification system system is provided free of charge to active staff, faculty and students. There is no cost associated with participation in the service. However, participants are responsible for charges made by service providers related to text messages and mobile phone calls - actual and test messages.

How often is the system tested?

The emergency notification system will be tested once a semester and over each summer. Additional testing may be conducted as part of drills and exercises, or as necessary.

How can I report a violation or find out more?

Contact Campus Police to report any violations of these terms of use or request information about the emergency notification system.