Smith College Policy

Hate is Not a Community Value

"The central purpose of the college is to foster the free access of knowledge, its unfettered discovery and communication through research and education and the creation and sustenance of a community of scholars and students. The college community can realize these goals only in an atmosphere of trust and resepect. Discrimination and harrassment will not be tolerated in the Smith Community."

Smith College Civil Rights Policy and Grievance Procedures

"Northampton is a city that values and protects the cultural and social diversity that makes it an attractive, unique, and vital community. Hate crimes affect us, our neighbors, and the quality of community life. A hate crime is not simply an intolerant opinion, but is a criminal act based on bigotry or prejudice."

Are There Laws?

Yes, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, s. 37 and 39; Chapter 266 s. 127A; and Chapter 272, s. 92A.

What About Smith College Policy?

Smith College is committed to creating and maintaining an educational, working and living environment that is free of any form of unlawful discrimination.

Smith College Statement of Nondiscrimination

Statement of the Board of Trustees Regarding the Smith College Civil Rights Policy (Adopted by the Board of Trustees January 11, 1989)
The trustees believe that at significant moments in the life of the college, as well as in our day-to-day living, we should as an institution reiterate for ourselves the standards we deem important for Smith College. The value we place on individual integrity and mutual respect sets a standard for personal conduct that requires each member of this community to look beyond the mere seeking of knowledge toward a broader commitment to human understanding and service.

In her last will and testament providing for the establishment of Smith College, Sophia Smith wrote: “It is my wish that the institution be so conducted that during all coming time it shall do the most good to the greatest number. I would have it a perennial blessing to the country and the world.”
In reaffirming Smith College’s commitment to civil rights, the Board of Trustees intends also to carry out Sophia Smith’s mandate to do the most good to the greatest number. By enhancing the opportunities available to all under the United States Constitution, through positive steps of our own, we also seek, as she sought, to have the college a perennial blessing to the country and the world.