Lock Outs and Key Requests

Mount Holyoke College  | Smith College

The Campus Police Department is able to provide the following lockout services for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Lockout services will only be provided to the person assigned to the space being opened, or who is the owner of a vehicle being unlocked. In order to protect the privacy and security of our community, we are unable to open a space or vehicle without the assigned person or owner present. If there is a specific need to gain entry to a residence hall space, the requestor should contact the residence life/housing office. If it is an academic space, the requestor should discuss their needs with the department responsible for that area.

Mount Holyoke College

Residence Hall Lockout Services

Hall staff are the primary contacts for lockouts in residence halls. If the Head Resident is not available, a student may contact the Campus Police Department to be let into her assigned room only. Officers will request identification before allowing access.

Contact Earl Brown, our Outreach Officer, for information on crime prevention workshops offered.

Note: during breaks/summers when residence halls are closed, Campus Police will not be able to provide access to the halls. Students may call the Residential Life Office to make arrangements if access is absolutely necessary.

Exterior Door Lockouts: For residents safety, Campus Police will only provide access to students who live in that house or residence hall. If you are visiting a student living in there, please contact them by phone to request access.

Academic Building Lockout Services

Department Heads or department assistants are the primary contacts for lockouts in academic spaces. If no one is available, Campus Police will allow a faculty or staff member into their assigned space only. The department is unable to allow students or others who are not assigned to that space access to locked academic spaces. Identification will be requested.

Rooms/Buildings for Events
Certain rooms (lecture halls, for example) and buildings are approved for after-hour events; arrangements must be made with the events office. If the Campus Police receive a room reservation request, we will open spaces for events. Areas which are not reserved can not be opened.

Classrooms are under the control of departments who "own" them. Campus Police does not unlock (or lock) classrooms. Some rooms have specific equipment that require them to be locked and unlocked by their owners; other classrooms are generally open. Department chairs or assistants should be contacted to access locked rooms.

Motor Vehicles

The Campus Police have tools to provide access to locked motor vehicles, and we have a fairly high success rate. However, particularly with newer cars, there is no guarantee we will be able to open the car. The person requesting the lockout must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle prior to Campus Police opening the vehicle. Vehicle owners requesting this service must sign a waiver of liability prior to officers attempting to open the vehicle.

Note: Our tools will not open trunks; only to the passenger area of the vehicle. There are local locksmiths who are able to supplement these services.

Willits-Hallowell Center Visitors

Campus Police will allow pre-registered Willits-Hallowell guests into their rooms after desk hours. Call x2304 to request access.

Trunk Rooms

The Campus Police do not provide trunk room lockout services.

Smith College

Residence Hall Keys

Dial extension 2490 to request that a student's room (your own) be unlocked if Head Resident is unavailable.