Personal Property Inventory

If your property was lost or damaged, would you be able to provide an inventory of your property? Do you have serial numbers stored in a safe location? Do you know how to reach your insurance company?

If you answered "no" to any question above, you need a personal property inventory. This is a simple listing of all of your electronics equipment and personal property in your room or home. Making two copies, one to be secured in a safe place in your room, and one to keep in a separate, off-campus location, will assure that this list is available should anything happen to your belongings.

Before you leave home, be sure you know what is covered under your family's homeowners or renters insurance.

What Should I list?

List any property that could be replaced through insurance:

  • stereos/CD/DVD players
  • TVs
  • portable music devices (mp3 players, et.)
  • bicycles
  • computers (and printers and peripherals)
  • phone
  • collectibles/valuables
  • car radio/CD player

If you have receipts for any items, attached them to the copy of the inventory you maintain off-campus.

Be sure to update your inventory frequently - at least once a year.

What Else Should I Do?

Take a picture of your valuables. Consider approaching from different angles to catch the front as well as areas with serial numbers. You can utilize our engraver to engrave your drivers license number to increase the likelihood that your item may be returned if stolen.

What Would I do in the Case of Loss?

If the loss or damage occurred on campus, call Campus Police. Locate your inventory list to be sure the department has a listing of what was lost or damaged.

If you are off campus, notify the local police department.