Power Outage Procedures

If there is a power failure, you should do the following:

  • Call Campus Police  and give your name, telephone number, location, and nature of the outage.
  • Some residential buildings have generators to provide emergency power for a short period of time. Emergency power usually covers areas of egress and fire alarm systems.
  • A Campus Police officer will respond and the Dispatcher will notify appropriate college officials.
  • Representatives of the Facilities Management Department will verify the failure and its cause.
  • In cases where power failures will effect classes, residence halls, or other college activities for extended periods, the College emergency response team will be notified to mitigate the outage.
  • Caution: even in a power outage, candles or other items with a flame, are still not permitted as they are unsafe.
  • You will be advised of areas you can go that may have power for meal service, potentially charging critical devices, etc.
  • Do not use an elevator during power outages.
    • If you are trapped in an elevator, campus elevators have emergency phones that connect directly to Campus Police. Facilities and fire personnel will respond to assist.
  • There may be buildings designated for residents to move to for an extended outage that may be unaffected or have generation.
  • If you are advised to evacuate, lock your room and your valuables and take your key with you. Exit quickly but calmly.

Plan before a power failure:

  • Always backup your academic files frequently so they can be retrieved if your battery dies (or crashes or is stolen). 
  • Keep a flashlight with your, or in your room.
  • Invest in a portable charge for your phone; that may extend its life in the event of an extended outage. Reducing the brightness of your phone and using it only for necessary communication will also extend the life of the battery.
  • Bring a spare battery for your laptop.
  • Plug your laptop and other electronics (phone charger, TV) into a surge protector to protect devices from voltage spikes.