Residence Hall Safety

Does theft occur in residences

Unfortunately, theft occurs in our residential areas as it does around campus, regardless of whether they are a residence hall, house, or apartment. Even the locked exterior doors of the buildings can not prevent theft unless everyone practices crime prevention strategies. See the Theft Prevention page for statistics on where items are stolen from on campus. 

What tends to be stolen, and from where?

Most of our larcenies involve items left unattended and unlocked. Refer to the Theft Prevention page again - notice that most of the thefts that occurred occurred in unlocked areas. We receive many reports of bookbags and their contents being stolen while left outside the living rooms, in entryways or in other public areas of the halls. Theft has also been reported from unlocked residential rooms. 

How can I protect myself? Crime Prevention Strategies for Campus Residents

  • Do not prop open doors in residence halls, houses, or apartments. Open doors provide opportunity for people to enter the halls and puts all residents in jeopardy.
  • Do not open the door for someone waiting outside the door asking to be let in. Even if s/he claims they are visiting someone, you can call or visit the room of the person they are visiting and ask them to meet their guest. We have had unauthorized people enter the halls, and we find out they were let in by someone with an access card.
  • Never loan your keys or access card to anyone; they may not have the same respect for your residential community as you do, and may jeopardize the safety of all of the residents (and it is against college policy).
  • When you leave your room, even to go to the restroom, be sure to lock the door and take your keys/card. If you have a roommate, make a pact for safety that you will both secure your room every time you leave.
  • Do not leave items unattended; if you are in your hall, or anywhere on campus, keep your belongings with you at all times.
  • When you go to lunch, do not leave your belongings outside the Dining Commons; bring them with you and carry them as you pick up your meal.
  • Keep valuables on your person.
  • Engrave valuables, and store the serial numbers in a safe, secure place.
  • If you lose your keys or access card, report them stolen immediately. Your access card can be deprogrammed immediately during business hours to prevent someone from using it.
  • Record credit card numbers, checking account information, and other important information, in a separate locked, safe place.
  • Immediately report suspicious persons or activities to the Campus Police. 
    • Report people who are hanging around the belongings of others, people who seem to duck your attention or the attention of others, or seems to be rifling through people's belongings. Give the Campus Police a full description of the person, and direction of travel.
    • Do not approach suspicious people, but report them to the Campus Police.
  • Avoid storing your belongings in large storage areas that are accessible to many people; items are frequently reported stolen from similar areas.