Sexual Assault Resource Guide

What Resources Are Available to You if You Are Sexually Assaulted?

Please see contact information below for resources.

  • Campus Police Officers trained to assist victims and investigate sexual assaults
  • Counseling services through Health Services
  • Cooley Dickinson Hospital
  • The local Police Department
  • The Dean of Students/Student Services office
  • Center for Women and Community at UMASS (formerly the Everywoman's Center)
  • Victim Witness Advocates at the district attorney's office in Northampton

Students may be able to change their academic and living situations after a sexual assault if needed. Requests for these changes are coordinated through the Dean of Students/Student Services office, and the Campus Police are available as liaison. Someone from the Dean of Students/Student Services office is available twenty-four hours a day to respond to a crisis when school is in session. The dean's office representative will help a victim who needs academic or residence hall assistance by working with the Director of Residential Life.

The Campus Police Department, works in cooperation with  Health Services. Rape awareness information is included as part of first-year orientation.

There are a number of resources available to students both on and off campus. These services may be used in any combination and it is important to recognize that actions taken on and off campus are not mutually exclusive. The most important thing is to find the resources that will provide the best support and direction towards recovery.

One such resource is the Center for Women and Community (formerly the Everywoman's Center) for which information is given in the table below. All phone calls are anonymous and confidential.

This organization runs a state certified rape crisis center with a 24 hour hotline for survivors of sexual assault. Located on the UMass campus, the Center trains Counselor/Advocates (CAs) who are on call to talk to survivors. A CA can assist the survivor while getting medical attention and/or reporting the crime to law enforcement agencies. In addition, a CA will be able to support the survivor and make them aware of the many options available. Finally, a CA will aid in the notification of the appropriate parties and can be an advocate and supporter during legal action. The Center also provides educational programs and materials to the entire community.

*Some material in this resource guide has been provided with permission from Amherst College.



Department Contact Information
Emergency (Off Campus) 911
Hampshire Campus Police 413-559-5555 (24 hrs)
Mount Holyoke Campus Police 413-538-2304 (24 hrs)
Smith Campus Police 413-585-2490 (24 hrs)
Amherst Police Department 413-259-3000 (24 hrs)
Northampton Police Department 413-587-1100
South Hadley Police Department 413-538-8231


Office Contact Information
Hampshire Health Center 413-559-5458
Mount Holyoke Health Center 413-538-2242
Mount Holyoke Counseling Center 413-538-2037
Mount Holyoke Ombuds Person 413-538-2413
Smith Health Center - Nurses 413-585-2813 (regular office hours)
Smith Health Center - Nurses 413-585-1260 (after office hours)
Smith Counseling Center 413-585-2840 (regular and after office hours)
Smith Spiritual Life Office


Smith Title IX Coordinator


Center for Women and Community, Amherst

24 hr hotline 413-545-0800 Hotline (888-337-0800 TTY)


Cooley Dickinson Hospital 413-582-2000 (24 hrs)
AEIOU Urgent Care, Amherst

413-461-3530 (M-F until 8 p.m. and weekends until 5 p.m.)

On Call Urgent Care, Northampton 413-584-7425 (M-F until 9 p.m. and weekends until 5 p.m.)
Walk-in Care Clinic, UMass Amherst 413-584-7425

Legal and Other

Office Contact Information
Hampshire Spiritual Life Office 413-559-5282
Hampshire Sexual Offense Services Coordinator 413-559-5743
Hampshire Title IX Deputy Coordinator 413-559-4510
Mount Holyoke Residential Life 413-538-2088
Mount Holyoke Office of Dean of College 413-538-2550
Mount Holyoke Office of the Chaplains 413-538-2054
Mount Holyoke Director of Human Resources 413-538-2503
Mount Holyoke Title IX Coordinator 413-559-5442
Smith Office of the Dean of College 413-538-2503
Eastern Hampshire District Attorney Court Clerk's Office/Courthouse (for incidents occurring at Smith) 413-323-4056
Northwestern District Attorney Victim/Witness Program (for incidents occurring at Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, or Smith) 413-586-5780
Northampton District Court Clerk's Office/Courthouse (for incidents occurring at Smith) 413-584-7400
Jane Doe Inc. 617-248-0922
Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance 617-727-5200