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Supervisors and Command Staff

Ralph Buddy Gould, Chief of Campus Police

Ralph Buddy Gould
Chief of Campus Police

Barbara Arrighi
Deputy Chief

Scott Graham, Deputy Chief Smith College Public Safety

Scott Graham
Deputy Chief Smith College Public Safety

Raymond LaBarre, Deputy Chief

Raymond LaBarre
Deputy Chief

Bryan Roman, Lieutenant

Bryan Roman

Susan Dawley, Lieutenant

Susan Dawley

Josh Dufresne, Lieutenent

Josh Dufresne

Jeanne Murdock Tripp, Manager of Administrative Operations

Jeanne Murdock Tripp
Manager of Administrative Operations

Janice Nielsen, Budget Manager

Janice Nielsen
Budget Manager

Karen Couture, Sergeant

Karen Couture

Scott Cooley, Sergeant

Scott Cooley

Jeremy Kenneson, Sergeant
Kevin Fournier, Detective Sergeant

Kevin Fournier
Detective Sergeant

Frank Rogala, Sergeant

Frank Rogala

James Jackson, Sergeant

James Jackson

Stephen Superba

Sergeant Stephen Superba has been a member of the Campus Police Department serving Mount Holyoke, Hampshire and Smith College since 2012. Sergeant Superba is currently assigned to third shift at Hampshire College. Sergeant Superba is retired from the Northampton PD after thirty years; has a BSLE from Western New England College; MSCJ from Westfield State College; received a certificate from WSC for the Addiction Counselor Education program, is a certified Sexual Assault investigator and is also trained in mediation and bicycle patrol.

Mark Holubowich, Dispatcher Supervisor

Mark Holubowich
Dispatcher Supervisor