Trespass Notices

What is a trespass notice?

Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges are private property. A trespass notice is a document that owners of private property can issue to forbid people from entering their property.  When an incident occurs on campus, or when someone presents a threat to a member of our community or to our campus, the Campus Police Department is authorized under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 120 to issue, and subsequently enforce, a trespass notice.

Reasons for issuing a trespass notice may include, but are not limited to:

  • cause harm or inflict injury to college community members
  • threaten or intimidate members of the community
  • disrupt academic and administrative business of the college
  • cause damage to college or personal property
  • commit serious or other criminal activity
  • violate college policy

If someone to whom a trespass notice is issued returns to, or fails to leave, campus property, she or he may be subject to criminal action including and up to arrest.

A trespass notice may be issued in conjunction with any court-issued Domestic Violence Prevention order or Harassment Prevention order.

Information for Victims and Witnesses

Please view our Campus Trespass Information Sheet, and print it for reference.  This outlines how trespass notices are issued, reasons for which they may be issued, and information about your role in the appeals process.  If you have been involved in an incident on campus (and in some cases, off campus), please report the incident to Campus Police who can assist you with determining whether or not a trespass notice is

Information for Persons Issued Trespass Notices

If you have been issued a trespass notice for the Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, or Smith College property(ies), please review the notice carefully.  Do not return to campus unless you have received written notification that a trespass has been rescinded.

To appeal a trespass notice, submit a request in writing to the Deputy Chief on the campus on which you were trespassed:

Hampshire College
Deputy Chief of Campus Police
893 West Street
Amherst MA 01002

Mount Holyoke College
Deputy Chief of Campus Police
50 College Street
South Hadley MA 01075

Smith College 
Deputy Chief of Campus Police
126 West Street
Northampton MA 01063 

Do not come on campus property to appeal the notice or you may be subject to criminal action up to and including arrest.