Vehicle Assistance Program

The Campus Police Department has developed this program and information in order to assist car owners with problems that typically occur.

Jump-Starting Vehicles

The department has "Booster Pacs"on each campus which allow us to assist community members and visitors with dead batteries without the use of another car!

To request assistance, call

  • MHC x2304
  • Smith x2490

Pushing Cars

Campus Police Officers can not push, pull or tow vehicles that are stuck in snow or mud. However, our staff would be happy to assist you in contacting towing services.


During the winter months, Facilities Management supplies shovels and leaves them at residence halls/houses on campus. Shovels can also be borrowed on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Campus Police Department. If you are stuck to the point where you are unable to shovel yourself out, you may call Facilities Management to see if they are able to assist you.

To Avoid Trouble

  • Have your car serviced regularly.
  • Before winter arrives, check your battery and tires, and have all the fluids in your vehicle checked. If your vehicle needs a tune-up, you may want to consider having one done before the weather starts to get cold.
  • Always check to that you have turned off your headlights every time you get out of your car.
  • Park your car legally; this will prevent the frustration that comes along with getting a parking ticket on top of worrying about your car's health.
  • Pay attention to the weather in the winter; Facilities Management makes every effort to clear spaces of snow, but your assistance in moving your car according to the Snow Regulations listed in the Colleges Parking Regulations, or when requested, makes it easier on all concerned and will prevent your car from being "plowed in".
  • Be sure to carry an emergency road kit in your vehicle, including a flashlight, flares, basic tools, and the like. Also be sure to keep antifreeze, water, oil and other fluids in your car in case of an emergency.
  • In the winter, keep some road salt or sand in the trunk of your vehicles. Sand and salt will not only give your car more traction, but will also be useful if you get stuck.
  • Start your car regularly and move it periodically, especially during the winter months. This will increase the likelihood of it starting when you need it. In addition, this may decrease the chances of it being stolen or broken into. If it is stolen or broken into, you will discover it sooner and be able to report it earlier, thus increasing the chances of the car and/or your belongings being recovered.
  • Keep your gas tank full, especially during the winter.

Campus Phone Numbers

Mount Holyoke: x2304

  • EMERGENCY 1-911
  • Facilities Management x2012

Smith: x2490

Local Vehicle Service Stations

  • Pleasant Street Auto (general service)
    91 Main Street, S. Hadley
  • Pleasant Street Auto (auto body repair & 24 Hr Towing)
    72 Pleasant Street, Granby
  • Haydocy Service Station
    72 Lamb Street, South Hadley
  • Ron's Precision Automotive
    504-C Granby Road, South Hadley
  • Page's Automotive
    1 Conti Drive, South Hadley

These numbers provided for informational purposes only; this is not an endorsement of any of the listed businesses. Services vary.

Web Resources

  • Car Talk, the site of Click and Clack, the vehicle maintenance gurus of National Public Radio.
  • Haynes online: provided as a link as part of the services.
  • Popular Mechanics - offers content on car maintenance and repairs.
  • AAA, a popular automobile safety, travel and insurance agency. Provides information on benefits, how to request assistance, and operator safety information.