Community Based Learning Program Staff


Alan H. Bloomgarden

Director of Community Engagement

Alan H. Bloomgarden, Ed.D. develops and supports collaborations among faculty, students, and community partners, and teaches courses on social action for 25-30 Community Fellows in year-long, capacity-building internships with community organizations in South Hadley, Holyoke, Springfield, and the region.

Alan H. Bloomgarden

Angelica Castro

Associate Director of Community Engagement and C.A.U.S.E. Advisor

Through partnerships with various campus constituencies and community organizations, Angelica Castro helps students get connected and raise awareness and funds through events, volunteer projects and community engagement opportunities throughout the Pioneer Valley, including Holyoke, Springfield, South Hadley and Amherst.

Angelica Castro

Kristine K. Rose

Youth Partnerships Coordinator

Kristine focuses on capacity building strategies for the CBL Program, coordinates employment and hiring of CBL student fellows, tutors and mentors and works to deepen relationships with community partners in order to enable MHC students to have a rich and meaningful experience in community placements. 

Lisa Raine

Senior Administrative Assistant

Lisa creates a welcoming environment for students and provides them with guidance and assistance within the CBL Program. She also works to support and maintain positive, sustainable and responsive external relationships with CBL student employers and program partners.  With a focus in financial management, Lisa also manages the CBL and C.A.U.S.E budgets. 

Photo of Lisa Raine