College Access Projects

CBL Administrative Fellows are here to help ALL CBL Fellows and Mentors make the most of their time and resources available to them by assisting with photography, communications, event promotion, transportation, campus visits programming, and other needs.  


  • Photography: Please invite Admin Fellows to your events on campus and arrange for them to accompany you to off-campus events to take pictures.  Please ensure there are proper permissions among program participants (especially youth), and help direct them to avoid taking pictures that identify non-permitted program participants.
  • News/Blog Posts: Our Communications Admin Fellow can help develop a blog post to share on the CBL Blog about your project or special event associated with your fellowship.
  • Transportation: Our Transportation Admin Fellow works with MHC Auxiliary Services, Five College partners and the CBL staff to develop responsive transportation solutions for CBL Program students and projects.
  • College Access - Our College Access Admin Fellow helps with coordinating campus visits for community partners and organizations.

Campus Visit Liability Forms for Minors

Fellows and others bringing K-12 students to Mount Holyoke for campus visits are required by the college to have visiting students parents or guardians sign a liability waiver in addition to whatever permission slip the sending school or community organization requires. This form is available in English and in Spanish/Español. For more information, please contact Rachelle Egipeiaco at

Photo/Video Permission Waiver Form for Visiting K-12 Students

Fellows and others bringing K-12 students to Mount Holyoke for campus visits or organizing events in the community at which you or CBL staff are taking photos and/or video, need to have the K-12 students' parents or guardians authorize permission to take and use such images. Please check with your community partner - many schools and youth programs already gather such permissions and can advise you. Here is a form, however, in case they have not done so or you are unsure. 

Please contact CBL's College Access Administrative Fellow, Rachelle Egipeiaco  to get started with your College Access Visit or CBL Fellowship Event.