Community Based Learning Courses

At Mount Holyoke College some courses are designated by faculty as “CBL Courses” and have a community-based learning component as part of the academic expectations for the course.

CBL courses are available across a wide variety of disciplines at the college. Expectations concerning the type of community-based learning component and the extent (e.g., how many hours per week are devoted to the community work) vary by course. Similarly, the location and purpose of the campus-community partnership varies, and is connected to the academic learning and community service aims of the partnership.

What CBL courses have in common is;

  • The integration of students’ experiential learning in area communities
  • Rigorous study of theory and content knowledge specific to academic disciplines
  • Projects that enhance students’ understanding of concepts, theories, and modes of application
  • The opportunity to support our community partners; local organizations, professionals and residents who offer programs and services, and advocate for community needs

CBL courses are demanding, as students must make significant investments of time and energy to their community partnerships as part of their academic workload. However, the rewards of CBL are equally significant, as students gain invaluable opportunities to put their learning into action, in the interests of social justice and community development, they gain essential advocacy, citizenship, organizing, leadership, and career skills.

How to find CBL courses

  1. Use the Search for Classes function, available to anyone without login (and available within my.mtholyoke to logged-in faculty, staff and students).
  2. Under “College Requirements and Other Course Types” select “CBL: Community-Based Learning” from the pull down menu (and any other selection criteria you would like to use to limit your search)
  3. Click Submit