How to Become a Community Fellow

CBL Fellow positions are awarded on a highly selective basis to students who consult with the CBL Coordinator and staff from community organizations. Students become fellows by:

  • Developing their own project/partnership with a community organization, through a course or independent study project, a work-study position, a CAUSE or other community service relationship
  • Discussing continuation of community-based learning activities following a CBL course
  • Responding to a position announcement from the CBL Program seeking fellows to meet specified community partner needs
    The CBL Program assists students to develop Community Fellowship applications for 2015-16 during March and April. The deadline for applications is April 25, 2015 at 5pm. Prospective fellows should start by meeting with Assistant Director of Community Engagement Angelica Castro.

Applications must include:

  • An Application Through JobX:
  1. Go to JobX at
  2. Click on “Students – Find a Job”
  3. Under the tab labeled “Quick Search”, click on “Community-Based Learning Jobs”
  4. Read the information about providing a resume and cover letter along with your application and click on “I Agree”
  5. Click on the job title you are applying for and complete the application as instructed (if you are applying for a CBL Community Fellow position and are uncertain as to whether or not you are on Federal Work Study, please contact Diana Fiori at prior to completing the application)
  • A Faculty Reference Form
  • A Community Organization Letter of Support Form

All of the above forms and further instructions are available on the CBL website