The Learning Agreement for Community Fellows


Negotiating and Completing the Learning Agreement

Now that you have both agreed, in principal, on a Fellowship project for the year AND have the approval and support of the Community Based Learning Program to proceed, you can begin a discussion about the specifics of what your fellowship will look like.

We hope you will consider what each of you has to offer by way of learning opportunities that will advance the Fellow’s personal, intellectual and professional goals as well as serve the needs, objectives and mission of the organization in a meaningful and innovative way. This CBL Fellowship Learning Agreement will serve as a template for this discussion.

Our advice to students and supervisors is the same; put both your aspirations and your concerns for the year on the table up front. Now is the time to be clear about what you each hope will result from the experience you are embarking upon, and about any concerns either of you has about whether and how fulfillment of expectations might face challenges. 

The Learning Agreement is meant to document not only important contact information, agreed work schedule and best practices but also, what we hope, will be an ongoing, rich and candid planning conversation that can and should be revisited throughout the year.



On behalf of the Community-Based Learning Program and Mount Holyoke College, thank you for agreeing to host a “Community Fellow.”  We hope you will find the experience personally and professionally rewarding, and that the Fellow will contribute to the mission and services of your organization while learning much from you and your colleagues.  

The Supervisor’s Guide to Hosting a Mt. Holyoke College Community Fellow… will provide you with some advice about setting up the year’s work, explain our expectations and responsibilities of Fellows and supervisors, and describe other best practices, solutions, and resources, including the purpose and implementation of the CBL Learning Agreement, we hope it will be helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide additional assistance.

Alan Bloomgarden, Ed.D Director Community Engagement,  413-538-3072

Angelica Castro, Associate Director of Community Engagement ,  413-538-3559