2015-2016 CBL Student Staff

CBL Administrative Fellows

  • Courtney Brunson ‘16

As an Administrative Fellow, she has managed the transportation and logistical coordination as well as community outreach and sustainability projects of the CBL program. She also assists in ad hoc tasks including various social media promotions, marketing strategies, and administrative projects that the program requires. Finally, she occasionally serves as a driver for community fellows in their communities.

  • Constance Fontanet ‘16

As an Administrative Fellow, Constance assists the CBL program with increasing college awareness with our community partners and coordinating campus visits. She also completes various other administrative tasks to support the program as best as possible.

  • Kenesha Darlington ‘16

As an administrative fellow, Kenesha assists the CBL program with updating the program’s website with current information. She also assists with payroll duties to support the financial aspect of the program.

  • Eugénie Elie '16 (Social Media, News, Photography, Events, Payroll)

  • Rosa Cartagena '16 (Annual Report Journalist, News, Photography, Events, Payroll)


CBL Community Fellows

The Pioneer Valley Project is a coalition of churches, synagogues, labor unions, and other community organizations in the Pioneer Valley. Member organizations come from all over Springfield and the surrounding community. PVP works primarily to address social problems plaguing the communities of its members. Ashira’s role focused on strengthening PVP’s relationship with the Islamic community in West Springfield, researching alternatives to the school-to-prison pipeline, and forming a youth coalition.

Casa Latina is the only Latino-led and Latino-focused organization in Hampshire County, Massachusetts. The mission is to promote self-sufficiency and a sense of community among local Latinos. Gerry Carolina’s role will help fulfill this commitment by working directly with Latino residents to develop leadership and access, to engage in the decision making process that determines the community's capabilities and needs.

The Music Tutors Program is a partnership that sends students from Mount Holyoke to Holyoke High School to work one on one with the high school students during their music classes. They work on music pieces as well as techniques to better their instrumental skills. This is an opportunity to for Mount Holyoke students to provide assistance and mentorship to the high school students on an individual level, as well as strengthening the community relationship between the two educational platforms.

  • Corina Willner ‘17 - Mount Holyoke Athletics at Peck

Through CBL’s relationship with Connections after school program at Peck School, more than five years ago Mount Holyoke’s athletic department created a weekly after school program focusing on a different varsity or club sport each week. Corina and her project partner, Cam Carter, coordinate the program this semester, creating the semester’s schedule for athletes and weekly lesson plans, as well as leading the activities once at the school.

The mission of Homework House is to provide tutoring and mentoring to elementary school students in Holyoke. We assist children with their homework and focus on improving their reading levels and math skills. We hope to foster their academic and personal growth, as well as involve Mount Holyoke students in the Holyoke community. As a fellow, Patricia serves as a peer leader to tutors and a liaison between the tutors, CBL, and Homework House.

  • Maria Jose Correa FP ‘16 - Spanish Corps

The student population in Holyoke Public schools is largely composed of high-needs students. English language learners are 28.5 percent versus 7.9 percent statewide; and students whose first language is not English are 47.7 percent versus 18.5 percent statewide. Nonetheless, 78.8 percent of the district’s students are Hispanic. As a CBL Fellow for Spanish Corps, Maria Jose is coordinating 14 bilingual Mount Holyoke students in order to provide interpretation to non-English speaking families in Holyoke Public Schools, as well as working with parent coordinators and English learner students to bridge the gap between families and schools.

  • Tessa Burke ‘17 - Spanish Corps

Spanish Corps mission is to help facilitate better communication between the predominantly Spanish speaking Puerto Rican community of Holyoke and the Holyoke Public School system. Due to the lack of Spanish speakers in the Holyoke Public School system communication between parents and students, and faculty is no easy feat. As a CBL Spanish Corps fellow, Tessa Burke’s job is to recruit and train bilingual Mount Holyoke students to interpret IEP meetings between school faculty and parents. Spanish Corps interpreters also work in English Language Development classrooms and assist with family outreach. This semester there are 14 interpreters working at 4 public schools working on improving the relations and communication between families and schools in Holyoke.

CONNECTIONS is an after-school program catered to improve the writing, math, and communication skills of 2nd-5th grade students.  The program engages students in one-on-one educational enrichment activities that foster leadership and enhance social relationships.  Talia and her co-fellow, Amalia, work to recruit MHC tutors, facilitate discussions on social justice, and ultimately create a collaborative environment within Peck that provides students the foundation upon which they may build their intellectual curiosity.

Peck middle school CONNECTIONS provides a safe space for middle schoolers. The program is designed to improve and reinforce the writing, reading and math skills of the students. The program is run with the help of the Care Center, which is also located in Holyoke. The program supplies students with snacks and allows the students to explore their creative side through the Art and Performing Citizenship, which are the clubs offered. Students are given the chance to go on trips and college tours. The program has a range of tutors from Holyoke High School to college tutors. Tiye Roberts ‘16, the fellow for the program, works to recruit Mount Holyoke students who wish to tutor at the program and aids them in their position through reflection sessions, advice and guidance. The program aims to offer opportunities for the students to see their full potential, with the hopes of opening doors to them that were once closed.

Homework House strives to improve literacy rates for elementary age children in Holyoke. They want to provide a safe place where children can learn and thrive. This year they have started a Friday program where children are able to explore and play. These clubs such as art and drama are facilitated by Mount Holyoke students and they will continue to help the program grow. Mae will help guide and support the tutors who want to bring their various interests and talents to Homework House through this Friday program.

Holyoke Youth Commission is comprised of approximately 20 youth, ages 13+, who reflect the socioeconomic, racial, and sexual diversity of Holyoke, and represent multiple neighborhoods and wards. The youth meet weekly to work on projects and programs that meet the needs of Holyoke youth such as teen pregnancy prevention workshops, dropout prevention, and more. As a CBL Fellow, Arielle works to create connections between Holyoke youth and MHC to learn more about college opportunities and mentorship, as well as help facilitate workshops on social justice issues.


CBL Transportation Services

  • Courtney Brunson, Transportation Coordinator