Transportation Policies, Resources and Guidelines

The Mount Holyoke College Community Based Learning Program cannot guarantee transportation for every CBL Fellowship project or course placement. Students should consider transportation options before finalizing their placement and discuss their options with their CBL course instructor, CBL Program advisor, and/or prospective Community Partner. Ultimately a secure and sustainable transportation plan should be in place for the academic year before a CBL Fellow begins working on site, or for the semester if community learning is part of a CBL course.


In cooperation with the Mount Holyoke College Fleet Office, the Community-Based Learning program will offer three shuttle services for the 2019-20 Academic Year:

  • A shuttle, M-F afternoons, to/from Homework House in Holyoke for a limited number of paid tutors and CBL course students (for riders registered with the CBL Program only);
  • A shuttle, M-F afternoons, to/from destinations in South Hadley and/or Holyoke as specified by CBL course students and other student riders for CBL purposes (first come, first served);
  • A shuttle, one morning per week only, to/from a specified list of South Hadley and Holyoke school and program sites for CBL purposes (see link below for details).

More information including policies, schedules, procedures for registration, etc. are contained in this document: 2019-20 Fleet Services/Community-Based Learning Shuttles

Other Resources

Fleet-certified drivers may utilize the Mount Holyoke College Fleet Vehicle Reservation system. Please note: capacity is limited, reservations are not guaranteed, and advance planning is strongly advised. Learn more about fleet licensing, resources and contacts for the Fleet Office.

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) offers several routes that CBL students find helpful, including especially:

  • The Five College Bus Service, free to Five College students and serving destinations including Northampton, Amherst, Hadley and South Hadley.
  • The R29 Service between Amherst and the Holyoke Mall runs along Route 116. The southbound (to Holyoke) stop is in front of the Thirsty Mind, the northbound (to Amherst) stop is in front of the stone shelter on 116. Students making regular use of this service may inquire at the CBL Program office for free passes.
  • Valley Bike Share maintains stations offering electric pedal assist bicycles for rental at your own expense throughout the region. A “Mount Holyoke College Station” is located at the South Hadley Commons across from the College. Stations are located throughout Holyoke, Amherst, Northampton, and the region.

Zip cars are available at Mount Holyoke at your own expense. See this site for membership, reservation and cost details.

Personal Vehicle Use

Should you choose to use your own vehicle for community-based learning, you, your car, and your passengers are not covered by college insurance. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the Risk Management Office at x2344. See also this Five College Web Resource for additional information and advice.

Emergency Reimbursement for Rideshare Services:

Students working in Community Fellowships, Off-Campus Work-Study positions, or entering the community for assigned CBL coursework may be eligible on a case-by-case basis for a one-time reimbursement for the use of Uber or Lyft rideshare services under the following circumstances: they made prior arrangements for one-way or roundtrip travel using another resource which fell through on short notice.

Additional Guidance

Students with drivers licenses are strongly encouraged to seek a “fleet license” in order to drive college vehicles. Please review information about fleet licensing procedures, sign up for a class and submit an online credentialing form to obtain your MHC Fleet License.

Faculty are advised to consider course-related transportation needs prior to the start of each semester, and to directly contact the Fleet Office to reserve vehicles for specified dates as a first step. Then, faculty may arrange to

  • Drive the fleet vehicle themselves, or
  • Assign a course student who is fleet-licensed to drive the vehicle

Faculty unable to identify a student driver from within their class for a reserved Fleet vehicle should either contact the Fleet Office for guidance in identifying a suitable driver. Faculty unable to secure both a driver and a vehicle may contract with a third party transportation provider (such as a bus or limosine company) to manage their needs. Departmental funds may be available for this, and in the event they are not, the CBL Program may be able to assist.