The CBL Program cannot guarantee transportation for every project or position. If you have transportation challenges you should ensure that you can get to your placement/project site via CBL sustainable transportation options which include the:

  • Fleet Community Service Shuttle

  • 4-College after school bus

  • Regular PVTA routes.

Other solutions that may be considered sustainable are but not maintained through the CBL Program:

  • Any regular/consistent reservations you might be able to achieve through the Auxiliary Services limited-available Fleet Reservation system.

  • Arrangements for use of student’s private vehicle. (please see liability policy below)



Fleet Licensing 

Students are strongly encouraged to seek a “fleet license” in order to drive college vehicles, if they are in possession of a valid driver’s license already. View information about fleet licensing procedure and classes. Submit an online credentialing form here.


Reserving Fleet Vehicles: new CBL reservation procedure as of Monday 2/8/2016.

CBL Student Fellows needing transportation for CBL related Work will submit reservations directly through the Auxiliary Services fleet reservation system, Monday-Friday 8:30 – 4:00 pm, either by calling x 2826 – OR – via the Online Fleet Reservation Form.

  • If the student making the reservation is not fleet certified, or will not be driving, they must include an MHC fleet certified driver’s name into the reservation form. If they do not yet have a driver they can submit the reservation by including the words “CBL DRIVER” in the driver’s name section. This will indicate to the Fleet Reservation Coordinator that the CBL Fellow will be finding a driver for this reservation and will send that information at least 48 hours before picking up the vehicle. Updated driver information should be emailed to Amanda Florek at

  • Fleet Coordinator will check the CBL Fellows Spring 2016 list to make sure that the student requesting a reservation is a current CBL Fellow.

  • If the student requesting the reservation is not on the list the fleet coordinator will decline the reservation and let the student know they need to contact the CBL Program for eligibility.  

  • If the student requesting the reservation IS on the CBL Fellows list and reservation hours are Mon-Friday before 9pm with a location within the Pioneer Valley, the Fleet Coordinator will proceed with the reservation as usual. If the request is outside these hours/location the reservation will be declined and the student will need to contact the CBL office for authorization.

  • All reservation confirmations will be sent to the student as well as cc’d to the CBL Admin/Transportation Assistants for tracking and possible assistance with obtaining a driver. For Spring 2016 this will be: Courtney Brunson, , CBL Transportation Fellow and Kristine Rose,, CBL Sr. Admin Assistant

  • CBL Fellows are responsible for finding a fleet certified driver for their trips and if need be, canceling their reservation at least 24 hours in advance if their plans change or are not able to secure a driver.


Liability for Fleet Vehicles

The college requires departments to assume responsibility for the $500 insurance deductible in the event a Fleet Services vehicle is damaged during use. The following policies apply to cost-sharing of this deductible, as it applies to use of vehicles damaged during use for community-based learning:

  • Course-based CBL: If you are driving yourself and/or fellow students for the purposes of a credit-bearing CBL class at Mount Holyoke, the CBL Program and the academic department hosting the CBL course will share the costs of this deductible 50/50 (e.g. $250 each).

  • CBL Fellows and Fellowship Projects: If you are driving yourself and/or fellow students, or if a student is driving a vehicle on behalf of a CBL Fellow’s project, the student driver and the CBL Program will share the costs of this deductible 50/50 (e.g. $250 each). The student has until the close of the academic year to pay off this liability. If you are a fellow and you recruit a student driver to drive the Fleet vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure your driver understands and accepts this liability.


Liability for Personal Vehicles

Should you choose to use your own vehicle, the college does not consider that to be driving on college business and you, your car, and your passengers are not covered by college insurance. This is not a CBL Program policy, it is an official college position determined by the Risk Management Office. Please contact them at x2344 with any questions.



The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority runs Five College buses between UMass Amherst, Hampshire College, Smith College, and Mt. Holyoke College, as well as buses to Holyoke. View PVTA bus information and schedules at

Three PVTA bus routes include transportation to and from the Mount Holyoke Campus.

  • Tiger Trolley operates Mondays through Fridays from 7am to 7pm.  The trolley provides connections between the Holyoke Transportation Center, South Hadley Library/Falls, Big Y, Woodlawn Plaza, Mt. Holyoke College and the Village Commons.  View Tiger Trolley information and scheduling at


Five College Shuttle Bus & MHC Fleet Community Service Van

  • UMass Transit Services runs a FREE FIVE COLLEGE BUS, Mondays – Thursdays, between UMass Amherst, Hampshire College, Mt. Holyoke College and CBL Partner Sites in Holyoke and timed for afternoon student placements.

  • Look for UMass bus, solid white or white with a maroon stripe, not a PVTA bus

  • Departs 2:55 pm from Bus Stop on Route 116 in front of the Thirsty Mind

  • Go to: CESL for service dates & times, UMass Sprinter Bus, cancellations, etc.

  • Go to: CBL Transportation Resource page for general routes & scheduling

  • Mt. Holyoke College runs a FREE COMMUNITY SERVICE SHUTTLE Mondays – Fridays to other locations in South Hadley and Holyoke.

  • Only students going to and from destinations other than the afterschool program sites served by the Five College Shuttle above may take the community service van.

  • Departs from Blanchard every hour starting @12:45

  • Go to: CBL Transportation Resource page for general routes & scheduling



Need a car? Borrow a Zipcar! Mount Holyoke has partnered with Zipcar to bring self-service, on-demand car sharing to the area. To use Zipcars, simply register as a member, reserve a car online or by phone, use your Zipcard to enter the car, and drive away. When you’re done, return the car to the same location where you picked it up. For more information please visit:                                                       

Mount Holyoke College

The Weissman Center for Leadership

The Community-Based Learning Program

The Community Service Transportation-Spring 2016


UMass Transit Services/Five College Shuttle Bus (Mon-Thurs)


Departs “Peter Pan” Bus Stop on Rt. 116 (in front of the Thirsty Mind)

Returns to MHC



This Bus runs from UMass, Hampshire and MHC to select Holyoke Community Partners and will drop students off at the following locations; returning to pick them up in the same order from 5:00 - 5:45pm

  1. Homework House (N. Summer St) & NEARI Jump-Start

  2. Kelly Elementary School

  3. Morgan Elementary School

  4. Holyoke Boys & Girls Club

  5. Homework House (Chestnut St)

  6. Peck School (Connections & Peck Middle School After School Program) & YWCA

  7. Dean Tech High School (Connections) *only drop-off, no pick-up

MHC Fleet Services Community Service VAN (Mon-Fri)


Departs Blanchard Bus Stop

Returns to Blanchard













The Bus and Van do not operate during college holidays/breaks or inclement weather. Bring the name and address of the location where you will be dropped off. Rides are on a first come, first serve basis. Pick-up time is arranged with the driver on route to the location.